Choosing a Commercial Locksmith in Chicago

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You really never know when you will need a commercial locksmith. A commercial locksmith is trained in securing businesses instead of residential areas. This is important since businesses need extra security. They require added security such as installing alarm locks, locking gates for windows and doors as well as alarm systems. Professional commercial locksmith will also provide regular maintenance as well including maintaining crash bars, controlling keys for cabinets and desk drawers and re-keying all the locks in the business.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics is responsible for tracking items stolen from businesses. They estimate that the value of items that are taken from businesses in the United States is $1,890. The National Crime Prevention Council estimates that every 12 seconds in America a robbery happens. The average lose from these robberies is said to be at $1,675 per robbery.

When you need to choose a reliable commercial locksmith in Chicago, you want to choose one that has legitimate references. You can check with the Better Business Bureau for a list of locksmiths that have a good reputation. Also, check with The Association Locksmiths of America since you can get a list from them as well.

You want to choose a locksmith that is knowledgeable and has several years of training as a professional commercial locksmith. They need to know how to use specialized tools that are used to open the majority of locks and not cause any damage to your business. If you notice that the locksmith uses the drilling and destroying technique, be leery of using this locksmith. Ideally, the locksmith should be knowledgeable in commercial, residential and automotive services.

The locksmith that you choose should be licensed and should also be easily recognized. Remember, this is the professional that you are entrusting with your business so they should ideally be in a company uniform and they should also be driving a company vehicle that is clearly marked. In the majority of states, commercial locksmiths need to be licensed so don’t be afraid to ask them to show you their license. You should also ask to see their business card as well.

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