Categories Of Water Damage In Oklahoma City

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Water Damage in Oklahoma City can be devastating, but if it is handled properly and quickly, it can be fixed. A rudimentary knowledge of the categories of water damage can be beneficial if you ever run into this problem. Water is classified into three categories: clean, gray and black. Knowing which type of water has caused the damage can help you decide how to best treat and solve the problem.

The first category of water damage is clean water. This type of water does not contain bacteria or other contaminants and is not harmful to your health. It is safe to use for drinking, bathing and swimming. Water damage in Oklahoma City resulting from clean water usually happens when a pipe supplying water to a structure breaks or when a clean sink or tub spills over. Clean water damage can also occur from natural sources including rain, snow, and ice. It is important to note that clean water can change to gray or black water if mixed with contaminants or if allowed to remain sitting for a period of time.

The second category of water damage in Oklahoma City is gray water. This type of water can contain microorganisms or other contaminants such as chemicals. It has the potential to make you sick if ingested or if you are exposed to it. Gray water damage can occur when a dishwasher or washing machine leaks, a fish tank breaks, a water bed pops or when used bathwater overflows. Toilet water containing urine that spills over or a sump pump that breaks also falls into this category. Just like clean water can deteriorate into gray or black water, water classified as gray can also change to black water, especially if the damaged area is left alone for a period of time greater than 48 hours.

The third and last category of water damage in Oklahoma City is black water. This water is highly unsanitary and contains pathogens that can pose a definite risk to your well being. This is especially true if you suffer from allergies or other respiratory difficulties or have problems with your immune system. Due to the potential threat to their health, the elderly and children under the age of two are advised to stay away from this type of water damage. Black water can come from a variety of sources including sewage and toilets containing fecal matter that overflow. It also includes flooding from bodies of waters such as rivers, creeks, lakes, and oceans. These sources often carry dirt, debris and other contaminants with them when they flood structures.


Water damage in Oklahoma City does not have to be overwhelming. Figure out the category of water damage in Oklahoma City you are dealing with to help solve the problem quickly and efficiently.